Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Excuses, Excuses...

In Canada, our taxes have to be filed by April 30. Well, I'm actually on-track and will not be late. All that's left is to print out the 12-month spreadsheet and transfer the relevant numbers into the document I send my accountant. I'm self-employed but not incorporated, so I send him the data (all 30 or so columns' worth) and he crunches the numbers. I'm hoping for a little refund this year, due to some personal, one-time expenses in 2008 that were thankfully tax-deductible.

I've just been surfing a few weight-loss sites, drinking in the wisdom and skipping over the ones that concentrate on points, being "good" or "bad" (i.e. I ate three carrot sticks vs. I ate salsa and chips), and how many calories the writers ran, biked or weight-trained-off.

Now, I'm hungry as heck, though it's only 11:20 a.m. Truth be told, I like to eat all my meals early, which sort of screws up having supper with the family at 6:30 p.m. Yesterday, I noshed (healthy, but noshed nevertheless) through supper preparation, so I had quite a light supper in the end. I've really got to go and have lunch very soon, before I eat this computer!

Here are the objects of my procrastination: finishing a small translation that's due on Thursday, taking a walk and doing some yoga. So now, off to lunch, then I should take a walk, do my translation, do some yoga and get supper ready.

How much am I actually going to do? Placing bets, anyone?


  1. Hi Wendy,

    I'm happy to "meet" you as well! It's great to have someone understand the issue of being small - when I look at other people at my weight they look fine, I certainly do not look fine. And every pound is truly a struggle, although I'm trying to get away from worrying about the poundage so much as how I feel.

    I am just getting into Yoga and really enjoying it. It does put me in touch with what my body is doing. When I do cardio, I can tell when I can go a bit longer or don't tire out so fast, but with Yoga, each pose gives me an idea of what my body is doing and I feel great as I am able to do more and more of the poses properly. I like Pilates, too; you should try that if you haven't yet.

    I am with you on the procrastination - I am constantly fighting my own excuses to get things done. I always want to say "tomorrow" but I'm learning to hoist myself off the couch and get it done and ignore that inner laziness.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts! :)

  2. Hi Judy!
    Thrilled to hear from you. I'll be reading you too!