Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do I Listen to My Own Advice? Not!

Just recently, I advised you all to forget the scale. Well, today I went out and bought a new one. How's that for listening to one's own wise counsel!!

I've been weighing myself every two weeks on the scale that my husband brought into our relationship when we starting living together 19 1/2 years ago. BTW, we'll be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary on Sunday--and a pretty good 17 years it's been! But I digress...

The problem with the darn scale is that it's the old-fashioned kind with the arrow and the dial. Half the time, it needs to be re-set, leading me to obsess over its accuracy. I'm not really sure in general about the weight reading that it gives either. It's lower than the scale at my acupuncturist's, which is a more expensive version of the old-fashioned arrow and dial model and it's higher than the reading I get at my endocrinologist's. She has a super-duper electronic monster.

So in three-bears fashion, I have gone out and finally bought a scale I hope I can trust. It's sleek glass, electronic and beautiful. Just one problem: I can't figure out how to get from metric to imperial measurements. Living in Canada has made me a very confused bunny. I can't think in miles anymore, automatically doing a rough conversion to kilometres. Same thing for temperature. I really can only understand celsius. But when it comes to weight, I'm pounds all the way...except for buying food, where I do understand the concept of 500 grams or a kilo. Just to give you an example of how crazy it is here in Canada, my acupuncturist weighs me in pounds, my endocrinologist in kilos and my GP in pounds. Babies are weighed in kilos. Arggg!

I got home this afternoon and decided to weigh myself with the old scale and the new one so I'd have a baseline. On my old scale, my weight has not changed in about two months, but I'm tempted to do one more weigh-in tomorrow morning on an empty stomach, which is how I normally do it. The new scale, after I've done the conversion, puts me a pound lower. We'll see how they compare tomorrow morning. After that, no more weighing myself for another two weeks.

Aside from scale adventures, I had a little kitchen mishap with a very sharp knife and a avocado pit yesterday. I spent an hour waiting to be stitched up at the local clinic, but all is well. Stitches come out next Wednesday. Thank goodness, here in Canada, you walk in the clinic, you give them your provincial medicare card, you get treated, you leave. This is the real meaning of your tax dollars at work. Yes, taxes ARE worth paying for the valuable services they provide!

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