Monday, December 14, 2009

Cleaning Out Stuff

It feels like spring in the NewMe home. We just had a wall of built-ins installed in our basement, plus a small extra bookcase installed on the wall in my office and I'm just raring to slash and burn my way through the boxes that have been piling up over the last year and a half, plus the stuff that we never unpacked from our move, nine (NINE!!) years ago.

We did a fairly major renovation about 1 1/2 years ago and ended up with more living space and less storage space. Go figure. It's not a big house--something I'm actually proud of since it means we've got a smaller carbon footprint--but we've got too much stuff.

Stuff. It's like empty calories, leftovers at the back of the fridge. Ready-to-serve, boxed meals you just never got around to putting in a pot with water and heating up. Salt-inundated munchies.

Stuff. It's horrible.

I just put two adds on Craigslist, one is for skates and the other for a complete boy's taekwon do outfit. It was bought for my son when he was 6 years old and we were still living in Montreal. He did not continue with the sport once we moved to Toronto. He's now almost 17 and that darned outfit with pads, helmet, etc. has been sitting in a bag, piled on a box of who knows what for the past nine years.

Stuff. I feel like getting rid of some of this stuff will be like shedding ten pounds. It's a weight I really want to lose!

Update! The taekwon do outfit is sold to a cute little guy named Christian. Long live Craigslist!


  1. It's a couple of very liberating feelings... getting rid of unwanted clutter and unwanted pounds. Good for you!

  2. Before I read weight loss/health blogs, I read anti-clutter blogs. I've had great success with Craig's List too. Once you go through those boxes, you'll likely wonder "Why did I save this?!"

  3. Agh! The tyranny of Stuff. One of these days I will face the hell that is my garage and clear out some of my accumulated stuff. Then maybe I will have room to put my car away. I salute you!

  4. It is so liberating to get rid of stuff! I've been doing a bit of that myself, since we'll be moving in January...