Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have a bad habit that I only indulge in once every two weeks: in addition to my official two-week weigh-in, I've gotten into the habit of weighing myself the day before or the day after. It's just an itch that I have to scratch; for the rest of the two weeks I'm fine.

So, what are the results of the official and the unofficial weigh-in? Total of two pounds lost!!! One of those pounds is the water retention from my period, but one is the real thing. I'm sure that tomorrow I'll be up a pound, but tomorrow is past my weigh-in window of opportunity, so I'll bask in the glory.

For my faithful readers and my new readers (come one, come all!), it's worth repeating again and again. Rather than losing and then regaining almost immediately, I have lost a modest amount of weight in the past 10 weeks AND I'VE KEPT THAT WEIGHT OFF.

By next March, I'd like to say that I've lost a reasonable amount of weight--let's be positive without being over-ambitious and say 25 pounds--AND I'VE KEPT THAT WEIGHT OFF.

And guess what? In two years time, I'd like to just say that I've kept that 25 pounds off. I'm not looking to turn into a fashion model. Just a lighter, healthier me.

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