Monday, March 23, 2009


Even though it's still quite cold out, spring is in the air! It's such a joy. I don't know why I'm feeling so happy about spring this year, but I am.

I really have to learn to post pictures on this site so I can show you the little signs of spring that are creeping up around me...and the piles of filthy snow that still remain on the northern facing side of my street.

In McKenna news, I have no idea how I'm doing. As you know, my weight loss is so slow as to be imperceptible. I hope I've kept off the recent 1 pound loss. I'll be going to see my endocrinologist at the end of this week, so I'll be weighed earlier than I would normally weigh myself and of course I'll be weighed in the middle of the day, after having eaten and with all my clothes on. So I'll take that weight with a grain of salt.

I am expecting my endo to be rather confused though. The last time I saw her, I was given the green light to go off my thyroid medication. I'd been on for a year after my second bout of hyperthyroidism. I was extremely fortunate to have been in remission for 14 years, and I think the problem only came back because of the normal hormonal upheavals related to my age.

The one and only "nice" thing (if you can call it that) of being HYPERthyroid is that you can eat like a pig and still lose weight. Sadly, it's muscle and not fat that you lose, but everyone goes "wow! you've really lost weight". Of course, as soon as you go on medication and feel much better (I won't bore you with the nasty symptoms of this condition), you gain all that weight back.

So when I go to the endo and she sees that I have lost weight, she'll probably freak out. However, I know that my blood tests will show that I'm totally normal. I feel fantastic and believe me, I do NOT feel hyperthyroid, which is a very nasty way to feel. So she'll go WTF? Why the normal blood work but the weight loss?? And I'll have to reassure her that I'm fine and that I've just changed my way of eating, yada, yada, yada.

Happy spring to you all!

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