Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Paul McKenna's book is called "I Can Make You Thin". For the purposes of this post, I'm going to re-title it "I Can Make You Spend Money".

No, I'm not accusing Paul McKenna of wanting to take all my money. In fact, his system is probably one of the cheapest ways to lose weight that exists. Buy the book and that's it. So where does spending money come into it?

It's all in the self-image. The CD that accompanies the book puts you into a mild state of hypnosis, which most people experience as sleep or dozing. Though I often drift in and out of consciousness, I have actually "heard" the whole CD. Self-image and improving one's self-image are central to the whole process. You are prompted to imagine a slimmer version of yourself, to do more exercise, to slow down your eating, etc., but you're also encouraged to see yourself through a much less critical lens. We women in particular are very tough on ourselves. We never live up to the impossible standards of beauty we (and society) set for ourselves. I can see this very clearly in virtually all of my previous posts: too this, not enough that, a horrible such-and-such. We would never be so nasty to others as we are to ourselves. In the CD, McKenna invites us to stop the self-flagellation and actually like ourselves for who we are. I find this very refreshing.

So there I was yesterday, out to take a walk ("take more exercise", says McKenna in his sexy voice on the CD as I drift in and out of consciousness) and run an errand that would have been done much more quickly and comfortably (it's bloody freezing out) by car. The slightly shorter route would have taken me up a series of side streets but I decided to take the main street to get to my destination. (Just as an aside: to find the name of the street I took, google "longest street in the world".)

And I admit it: I took the longest street in the world so I could stop at my favourite ladies' clothing story, aptly named "Just For You". We all have particular stores that inevitably stock clothing that suits us to a T and Just For You is my store. Though I suspect that I have not lost a single pound over the last two weeks and indeed may have gained, I definitely feel much nicer towards myself. And so I proceeded to spend a large chunk of change on some gorgeous clothes that were 60% off. The clothing is horribly expensive but the sales are to die for.

So there you have it: Paul McKenna can make me spend money...and like myself better too!

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