Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That "Other Medical Issue"...

Just got a call from my doctor's office. That "other medical issue" that I mentioned in my last post seems to be totally unimportant. I'll be dropping off a urine sample some time this week, but it's probably of no consequence at all.


Gratitude statement: I'm grateful for my wonderful GP (and her great Chicago accent)!


  1. Thats good news. I've been having medical issues too. I got a lump on my neck around the area of my thyroid. I dont have an over or under active thyroid - but what I may have is a goitre caused by iodine deficiency. The irony is the deficiency has probably been caused by me using salt substitute in an effort to be healthy and reduce my sodium intake grrrrr

  2. Glad to hear some good news on that front! A good GP is worth her weight in gold. :)


  3. Hooray for the "unimportant" stuff of life!