Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm a big bookmarker. When I find a blog I like, I bookmark the page. I find it easier than following.

Tonight, looking through my bookmarks, I came upon a site called "Nourishing the Soul" and saw this post, which really speaks to me.

Gratitude--OK, it's Thanksgiving here in Canada and it's sort of appropriate to think about gratitude, but making a statement of gratitude every that's something I think I can do.

Today, I'm really grateful for many things, big and small:

-having the money to get my fridge repaired: being without a fridge for 24 hours was pretty horrible;
-making the best turkey I've ever made in my life;
-having a beautiful family;
-going for a little walk.

Let's see if I can put at least one gratitude statement at the end of each blog post from now on. Feel free to call me out if I forget!

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  1. Yes, I love Ashley's blog. I wrote my Self Discovery Gratitude post this weekend. It does tend to change your outlook! LOVE your gratitude statement