Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Change


I feel a change in the blogging air. It's not just that winter's coming (at least in the northern hemisphere). Firm gentleness is out, angry single-mindedness is in. Is anyone else feeling this? There certainly seems to be an appetite for it (pardon the pun).


  1. There have been and always will be people who think that shouting down others means they win the argument, attacking others and behaving aggressively makes them strong, and offering abuse instead of thoughtful advice enhances the value of the message. And there have always been people who that appeals to because they believe that it takes more strength of character to behave like an ill-tempered child than a well-mannered adult.

    My take about all of them (and they are everywhere talking about all sorts of topics, not just weight loss) is that they are to be ignored entirely. Read the voices that appeal to you. Ignore the rest. Bullies can't be satisfied if you leave the playground rather than fight with them.You show greater character strength and can feel confident in the self-control that you show which proves that you can resist being manipulated by the actions of others. It solidifies that your locus of control is internal. That's a big win for you.

  2. I have noticed that over the last month! Really don't like it.

  3. I can't really say that. I tend to read the same blogs over and over (always yours!) and my circle seems as supportive as ever. I'm staying with my regulars!

  4. That's unfortunate. I haven't observed such bullying, but then I too tend to stick with the bloggers known for being thoughtful.

    Perhaps it is a hard time of year for some folks, at least in the northern hemisphere and for those who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder. Makes some people more cranky. I've also noticed that bullies tend to be insecure and frightened. Their loudness is a variation on the "whistling in the graveyard" theme. :)

    BTW, if any of my comments ever sounds rude or harsh, to your ears, you can let me know right away. I never want to be hurtful to anyone.


  5. I noticed it, too.
    Been building all summer.
    I think I can tell what it is.
    Maybe - back to behavior, not attitude.
    Black and white thinking - all or nothing.
    Cutting people off for minor "offenses"
    And mean-spirited-ness, to start.
    Just can't tell what it all means!