Friday, April 23, 2010

The Taste of Water

Source: Wikipedia (no, that's not me!)

The quality of the municipal water is quite high in my city. There is absolutely no reason to drink anything but water that comes from the tap. Of course, I've been just a brainwashed as most people and tend to drink either bottled water or filtered water from a jug in the fridge.

I also like to keep a few big bottles of water in the house, just in case. As you may recall, in August 2003, a large swath of the North-America suffered a blackout that lasted about a half a day. Here's a CNBC clip on how things went in Toronto that day. Having also gone through the great ice storm of 1998 while living in Montreal, I know the value of having lots of water on hand. Which leads me to today's topic: the taste of water.

Back in the days before I became an assiduous water drinker, if you had told me that the taste of water varied according to its source, I would have thought you were crazy. Now, though I'm not a water snob, I really taste the difference. Since you have to cycle through the water you buy, today I just finished a large bottle of spring water that's bottled by a major grocery chain here in Canada and sold under their name. I really had to push myself to drink it. To my mind, it had a slightly metallic, salty taste. Drinking a number of glasses a day of this stuff was not pleasant. I don't intend to buy any more of it.

I've just switched over to tap water that's gone through the filter. Not bad, even though the filter is long overdue for a change.

Am I the only one who's starting to buy water based on taste?


  1. I'm just a straight out of the tap girl :) However i work one block away from where i live and i can't stand the taste of the water at work!

  2. We have a well and you wouldn't believe the water. My sister, who travels all over the country and Canada says it's the best she has ever tasted. I do drink bottled water on occasion and there are certain brands I can't stand. I give those to my hubby who will drink any kind!

  3. Oh boy, do I remember that ice storm!

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I'm not too keen on leaving Canada. I'm actually looking at opportunities in Alberta (everyone is going West, right?) Unfortunately, Ontario is in a terrible state when it comes to teaching positions. Most new graduates can expect anywhere from 5-7 years before they may get a full-time contract (of course there are exceptions). I'm in Windsor and it's probably worse here than anywhere else in the province.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed though and see what happens in the next few years :)

  4. There are some brands of bottled water I dont enjoy at all - but I generally drink it straight out of the tap. I resent the expense of bottled water - and all the plastic bottles are a disaster ecologically!

  5. Hi Wendy. I always drink mine filtered as I feel ill drinking it straight from the tap! Really and seriously. The water here is terrible - loaded with chlorine.

    If I feel physically very low I move over to bottled and it DOES make a difference. Water without added chemicals IS preferable on every level. And filters only remove a certain percentage of nasties.

    So for me it's not so much about taste but about health.

    Bearfriend xx