Thursday, April 29, 2010

For Cat Lovers

This is Jelly Bean, aka "Miss Bean", aka "JB", aka the ee-vil cat. She does look pretty scary, doesn't she?

She can be quite the annoyance. She's never been the same since we renovated the ground floor of our home. It's a constant battle getting her to use her box for Number 2 (since when have I become prudish?). But every time we get to the end of our patience, we pull back and she lives to poop another day.

What we don't do for our furry friends!


  1. Hi Wendy. Some furry friends just don't know when to quit with the attention seeking behaviour lol!

    I hope you find a solution to this very unpleasant problem.

    Bearfriend xx

  2. This looks just like our Big Tom. He has been exciled for marking his scent in our house. What is it about these orange kittehs (not The Orange Kitteh of course) ?? Big Tom was living the life, spoiled, pampered, and then one day, he became territorial and began marking. Now he is king of the Front Porch, exciled from our "cats-le."

  3. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Cute friend you have. She looks just like our cat Schroeder. :)

  4. Ha! This reminds me of my 3 AM wake-up call...
    Z's new puppy was fidgeting around, obviously needed to Go Out. I smelled ye olde dog poop but couldn't find it? turns out he had gone UPSTAIRS - I give him credit for getting as far away from the bedroom as he could, but ai yi yi, to be cleaning up after a puppy again?!?

  5. Our cat got caught out in the torrential rains we've had. We kept going out calling him but he didn't come. The next morning I tried again and he came slinking in, soaked to the bone. I felt so sorry for him. He sulked around all day long!