Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Six week weigh-in

It's been six weeks today since I started following the Paul McKenna method for weight loss. I only weigh myself once every two weeks and disappointingly, I have not lost anything in the past two weeks (well, maybe half a pound, but my scale is not that precise). I could consider this devastating news, but actually, I don't feel too bad. What I have managed to do is lose six pounds on my tiny, 4'10" frame and actually KEEP it off. In my opinion, this is fantastic.

In fact, my 0 weight loss makes me even more determined to follow the rules more closely:
1. Eat when you're hungry.
2. Eat whatever you want.
3. Eat consciously.
4. Stop when you're full.

I have been following several weight loss blogs in addition to my "slight" addiction to a Paul McKenna Facebook group called "THIS IS NOT A DIET" (more on that later). I'm seeing so much pain and frustration out there on the Web, so many women who are fighting themselves in a losing battle (lol) to control the uncontrollable, so many women who are eating to fill all kinds of gaping emotional holes. I have posted a few comments on the futility of their struggle and the fact that a radical change in mindset is what we all need, but it's so radical that the message doesn't get through. I guess I'm better off preaching to the converted, i.e. myself and my future readers.

I think that even if I only lose a few more pounds, I will not abandon this new approach to food. Slowly, I am learning to listen to my body, respect its needs and shed my fear of food. It's not an overnight process. I've spent 52 years developping the fear. I can afford to spend a few months losing my fear and becoming a happier person!

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