Thursday, February 19, 2009

My McKenna Friends on the Internet

When I first started on the McKenna programme, I went wild searching for videos and articles on the Internet about "I Can Make You Thin". I actually found a rather fuzzy version of the first "I Can Make You Thin" TV programme (US version) and watched it with great interest. McKenna has actually made two versions of ICMYT, the first for a UK audience, the second for a US/N. American audience. If anyone out there can tell me where I can find one or both series I would be eternally grateful!

I also found a number of book reviews of ICMYT, with many comments attached. Then I found several groups on Facebook. The one I like most is THIS IS NOT A DIET, started by a young woman in London. Most of the group members are from Great Britain. It's a young crowd, living in a world that I find subtly, yet deeply different from my own. But that being said, it's a hugely friendly crowd of mostly women who have all tried desperately to lose weight, have all realized that diets don't work and are now on the McKenna road to leave diets and excess weight behind. There's a lot camaraderie and good cheer there. I recommend checking it out.

Especially in the first few weeks of following the "rules" (I really hate the word "rules", but I can't find anything better--at least for now), people on the site tend to lose a lot of weight and there's a lot of cheering and back-slapping going on. Then the true challenge begins: really learning to eat considerably slower, with deep consciousness; listening incredibly closely to your body's signals, dealing with the non-food issues that lead you to eat food you really don't need or actually want...This is the point that I'm at. In a sense, I feel that this is the true beginning as I face my cravings head-on, learn to respect my hunger and heed the message of feeling full.

Bottom line: friends--or "buddies"--can be really helpful in enabling you to keep your eyes on the prize, but at the same time, it's important to remember that we are all different and our bodies do not all react exactly the same way. So as long as good things are happening to YOU, even if it's only losing one pound, you have to be happy and not compare yourself to the Internet friends who've lost 10 pounds in the same period of time.

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