Monday, May 7, 2012

Be Honest

In their heart of hearts, isn't this what most people think--even those of us who intellectually believe in Health at Every Size?

I'll admit it. And it doesn't make me happy.


  1. The great thing about having been BOTH sizes...actually in the case of the overweight lady...quite a bit that I know BOTH OF THOSE are bullcrap. Each person is an could take all those epithets and apply them to the large lady...and take all those on the large lady and apply them to the skinny lady. Another benefit of having been on both sides of the weight wall. In fact, as a person nearing normal...the idea of doing what I do everyday with 100 lbs strapped to my back gives me the willies...but I did it daily as an obese individual without a thought. So who was lazy?

  2. Wow. There really is no middle ground, is there? It's all black or white. Very good visual.