Friday, January 20, 2012

A Truly Awesome Video

Thanks to Dr. Deah for introducing me to this truly awesome video:

A few random thoughts:

I have pretty much banished fat talk from my own personal discourse. It's sometimes difficult, but it can be done. The next step, though, is challenging fat talk that others engage in. I have yet to consistently do so. You may recall, I tried it once recently (see this post) and it went over like a lead balloon. I admit that this was when I was in the throes of a Graves disease relapse so my righteous indignation was perhaps overshadowed by a strident, shaky delivery. Oh well. I shall keep trying.

I actually know a former fashion model who is still stick thin and who, despite trying for years, never did get pregnant. Yes, it happens to women of all sizes.

Anyway, enjoy the video and stop the fat talk!


  1. Nice campaign. So cool it's coming from a sorority. Goodness knows the Greek system in college is the choir that most needs converting! I hope the others jump in to the parade.

    By the way, every time I try to look at the comments on your Steven Blair post, my computer freezes, but I got through to this one okay. Hmmm. Go figure.

  2. One thing I appreciate about being unemployed and out of school: I don't have to listen to "fat talk" and then decide what to say in response. It was always difficult (okay, a pain in the ass) in nursing school because it came with an underlying (false) belief about the healthiness of losing weight or being thin. There was often a subtle (insidious) judgement re: thin equals health(ier) equals morally superior (for making *right* choices). Yes, even among nurses and nursing students. The discussion was never easy for me, but I tried (when I could). My daughter works in the health care field and tires of having to educate her colleagues about "fat talk"--grows tiresome. It would be fun to write a song to sing in response to fat talk--one that is humorous but makes a strong statement. :) Maybe a collaboration?