Friday, November 4, 2011

Now It's My Thyroid

Well, the blood test confirmed that my thyroid has gone wonky again. The hospital called and wanted to make sure I got on medication ASAP, but...

My endocrinologist (who I can't stand) has gone MIA. I think she may have married and changed her name (short rant: I will never understand why women change their name when they marry. For crying out loud, we don't belong to our husbands anymore!). In any case, her name is no longer on the list of doctors at the clinic where I used to see her and I didn't have time to leave a message asking if they knew where she'd gone because I won't be home next week to answer the phone and speak to a human being. This is not a time for telephone tag. Maybe it's good news after all that I can't find her.

In the meantime, the internist at the hospital has already called the pharmacy and my prescription is waiting for pick-up tonight. Maybe it's a good thing Dr. F. has disappeared. Now, I'll be able to go to someone who is hopefully easier to deal with. I have to go to my GP's next week ASAP to get a referral to a new endocrinologist.

I guess I'm a nice person with a heavy karmic load. Otherwise, there's no way to explain all this crap.

Herein endeth the "woe is me". I've got things to do before surgery on Nov. 17.


  1. I often believe heavy karmic loads are what make nice people. That being said, I don't believe in karma anymore. I think that bad things happen to people because bad things happen. We can learn and grow from them or not, but "God", in whatever form we conceptualize it is indifferent to or unaware of the consequences. As George Michael said, "God's not keeping score."

    Regardless of the big picture, I've been where you are in terms of one bad thing after another taking my health down a peg and making me feel hopeless and exclusively selected for a heaping helping of misery. I wish you well and hope that it all gets better soon.

  2. Thanks, SFG. Wise words, as always.

  3. How nice! A condition for which you can take a medication to replace what's missing, and voila, the problem is fixed (after some short turn stress and disruption of function). I like troubles like these! And even better, the bad doctor has gone away!

  4. After rereading my harsh sounding comment, I'd like to offer a formal apology for how it might have sounded (although I have sent you one directly!) Truly I was not intending to minimize your condition or your distress. Rather, my having a chronic and progressive condition for which there is no cure flavored my response. If only there were a pill those with MS could take to take care of this unpredictable disease!

    And truly on the bright side, isn't it nice getting an explanation for how you might have been feeling? Sometimes I find getting the official diagnosis strangely comforting.

  5. Yep, there's nothing "fun" or "exciting" about the thyroid roller-coaster...
    I've been through 3 endocrinologists at MDA & used to butt heads w/the current one quite frequently. Nowadays we're getting along much better, esp since my externally-modulated thyroid function is on a reasonably even keel these days.

  6. even when you don't HAVE a thyroid (I had to have mine removed earlier this year as I had cancer in it) the dose still doesn't come easy. Getting the right dose for each person can be tricky. In my case its getting the balance right so I don't have too much thyroid hormone - while having enough on board to keep thyroid stimulating hormone low so that it reduces the risk of any reccurrence. Bodies are complex things and NEVER easy to manage