Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The First of Many Thank Yous

Yesterday, I read the comments a few of you made to my post, "When the Going Gets Tough...". I had had a miserable day at work--bad enough that I just want to chuck it all and be much poorer but much less stressed; I got a note from my older son's physics teacher telling me that he's falling behind (nothing new, he's been battling ADD for years and hates medication, so he doesn't take anything); clashed mildly with my husband over the situation with our son; and felt my heart racing uncomfortably (a side-effect of being hyperthyroid).

So when I read your comments, I did what any self-respecting scared, sick person does: I cried. And I write this, I'm crying again.

Thanks--for the first, but certainly not the last time--for your concern and support.


  1. I can honestly not imagine myself in any other profession (no matter how many maddening PEOPLE I must deal with! ;-) which makes me one of the lucky ones...
    I was skimming one of the chihuahua-rescue websites last weekend, w/tears streaming down my face... My husband timidly stated: "Maybe it's too soon!"
    I told him it'll ALWAYS be too soon, but dear sweet Buddy-dog needs a playmate his own size. We're going to go meet Miss Clarice tomorrow.

  2. I just read that post and the supporting comments and felt a bit teary-eyed myself. It's a marvel how close we can feel to people far away that we only know through an online blog!

    I believe in prayer, so will be praying along with the others for a successful surgery. After your hip disaster, I can't imagine the anxiety you are feeling - I will pray for calmness for you and your family in the next week.