Thursday, April 28, 2011

Change Your Name (Just for a Day)!

Gentle readers. In the spirit of Kate and Wills wedding madness, I humbly entreat you to change your name for a day. Perhaps, with your new name, you too will be invited to the festivities.

My new (though sadly, temporary) name is:

Lady Anna Tiger-Douglas of North York

Isn't that incredibly posh?

Here's how to create your own, wonderfully aristocratic name:

1. Take a title: either Lord or Lady.
2. Take the first name of one of your grandparents.
3. Create a double barrelled surname by taking the name of your first pet and hyphenating it with the name of the street where you grew up.
4. For added cachet, add the name of the city, town or even district where you lived as a child.

What's your name?


  1. Lady Beverly Lupe-Karen of Long Beach

  2. Lady Elizabeth Winston-Braefoot of Victoria

  3. Lady Alma Perrito-McDermot of Bountiful

  4. Lady Erna Copper-Manzanita of Baywood

  5. Lady Maria Bingo-Highway Eight of Stoney Creek...splendid!

  6. Lady Ruby Pepe-Blackrock of Oak Cliff

  7. This cracked me up!!
    It comes out as

    Lady Miriam Lady-264th of 23

    (23 is the district.)
    Not only have I acquired a stammer, but also temporary mathematical insanity.

    It may be a little late for a wedding invite; do you s'pose they'll invite me to a christening?

    In the meanwhile, I'll stick with Mulberry.