Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skinny Genes

I'm stuck at the airport, trying to get to a short meeting in Sudbury. It's about an hour by plane, but the airport is actually about 35-40 minutes away from the place where the meeting is taking place. The weather is worsening by the minute and my original flight was cancelled. If the flight they re-booked me onto is late leaving, I just won't go. By the time I get there, the meeting will be over.

I also don't have much juice left in my laptop and it seems impossible to find a plug.

So here's a link to an interesting article in today's Globe and Mail. It's true, there really is a skinny gene...and I certainly don't have it!

Note therequisite "good news message": there is a skinny gene, but you can beat it...though you may have to exercise considerably more and eat considerably less than others. Fun life, eh?


  1. It's also, according to the article, a very rare genetic quirk that I probably don't have either. I'm not sure this can drive a conclusion.

  2. The interesting thing is that this is another example of how a genetic quirk that is disadvantageous on the whole becomes an advantage in the developed world. Being energy inefficient and eating a lot and not storing body fat is bad for the species. Fat people (like me) are evolutionary triumphs. ;-)

  3. SFG: That's what I think too. Humanity has to thank us natural fatties for its survival!

  4. Those last two comments are thin-phobic. Thanks for the hatred.