Friday, January 7, 2011

Ellen's Hate-Loss Challenge

I have recently added a blog to my regular reads. It's called "Fat Girl Wearing Thin" and I suggest you take a look at it.

Why do I like this blog? Well, it's NOT because Ellen's lost a great deal of weight and has kept it off. It's NOT because Ellen sometimes recommends low (or lower) calorie products or exercise tips to help readers lose or keep the weight off. In a nutshell, I DO NOT think highly of this blog because it's a weight-loss (success story) blog.

So why DO I like FGWT?

I like Fat Girl Wearing Thin because Ellen is trying to go beyond the dream of thin=successful. I am particularly impressed with her current "hate-loss" challenge, which I strongly encourage you to look at and join...if that's your thing.

Please read the whole post on Ellen's blog, but if you're in a hurry or plan to read it later, here's a snippet to pique your curiousity:

During the whole month of January, 2011, I am vowing to make a resolution to have pride in myself – no matter what size I am, each and every day. January will be the month that I set in motion a healthy habit to rid my vocabulary of words that aim to destroy my self-esteem. By the end of January I hope to have set a permanent pattern as I continue to feel better about my value, importance, and place in this world.

Personally, I very rarely get on the challenge bandwagon. It's just not my way of doing things. But I will admit to having printed out the instructions because I think they're of great value--especially to women, who have an incredible ability to put themselves down at every possible opportunity. Here's a case in point: Yesterday, I was at my GP's for my annual check-up. At one point, she said to me that I was "unbelievable" or something equally positive because I just don't give up, despite my physical challenges. I responded that I really don't have the choice (i.e. giving up is just not an option). I think that a more positive response would have been a simple "thank you", perhaps followed by something like "yes, I do keep trying hard". Because yes, I'm pretty great.

Ellen's challenge is already a week old, but I'm sure she'd be happy to have you on board.

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  1. Hi,
    new follower :) Thank you for sharing Ellen's blog, I will go check it out!
    Good luck on your weight loss journey :)