Friday, January 29, 2010

Off to the Buffet

This is where I'm off to tonight. It's my older son's birthday and he chooses the restaurant. I wish it weren't a buffet--not because I'll lose it and heap my plate higher than any plate should be heaped. No, not for that reason.

I'm not thrilled to be going to the buffet because it's such a waste of money. Friday nights, our family usually eats out. The long week is over and we just want to relax and I don't want to have to worry about getting a meal on the table. Last week, we went to a much fancier restaurant than we usually frequent. It's one of my favourite restaurants, but my husband and I usually reserve it for one of those romantic, though infrequent suppers à deux--just us, no kids. But last week it was the four of us. The food was wonderful, but I couldn't finish my divine liver and onions. So I got a doggy bag and took it home and enjoyed it immensely the next day for lunch. Of course, there are no doggy bags at buffets. You're "supposed" to stuff yourself silly and make sure you've eaten enough to get your money's worth. The restaurant tonight is going to make a real killing off me because I'll just eat what I want and not eat to the gills.

I'm also not thrilled about the buffet because I fear my husband will overeat. I guess in a sense, that's not my business, but I really hate to see him overeat. My sons will eat with gusto--they're teenagers, after all--but they don't like stuffing themselves. I'm not worried about them.

My last reason for disliking buffets is the amount of salt they use. I've got a salt post on the back burner, so you'll just have to wait a bit longer to read my salt rant.

One little note on the continuing saga of my son: Thanks for your encouragement. It is really is appreciated. And blogging has led me to better understand what's going on. His slow heart rate and low blood pressure are part of the reason he's often tired and can't get his schoolwork done. I admit to having often felt that he was a bit of a wimp. He's the kind of kid who physically falls apart when he has too much work. He could never pull an "all-nighter" to get his projects in. Now, finally, I understand why and it's indirectly thanks to my blogging. By doing a bit of research and putting things on paper "virtually", I've been able to connect some dots that I didn't originally see.

So thanks to all of you, and wish my family luck at the buffet. I'll have to button it and not complain about how everyone's stuffing themselves with sodium-laden food. Shhh.


  1. Good luck with the buffet.

    I hate them for many reasons. Salt, grease, a million people breathing their germs and touching the same food. I prefer a quality over quantity approach to food. Mass produced like that is just...gross. :) Happy birthday to your soon!

  2. I always "lose money" at a buffet. The only one I took advantage of was a chinese buffet that had crab for dinner - I won't admit to how much crab I ate.

    Otherwise they are a waste of $.

  3. Haven't been to a buffet in so long -
    I almost forgot what they were.
    Cool picture!

  4. Hi Wendy. A Chinese Buffet has just opened in my town. I have never been to one and luckily, being allergic to soy protein I won't be able to partake.

    I recommend potassium rich drink or food to balance out the salt intake. Or just a potassium supplement.

    I've suffered from low blood pressure all my life but never had any treatment for it. I carry a sachet of salt at all times in case I need to deal with feeling faint. I have fainted in public when I was younger and wasn't experienced enough to stop it.

    Bearfriend xx

  5. I too hate buffets for all the reasons you said and I also feel as though they are just unsanitary sometimes!

    I too never get my money's worth!

  6. The food also tends to be poor quality, with extra grease and salt. I go to some Japanese/Ethiopian lunch ones sometimes, mostly because I like diversity, and can get a bit of everything. I can't stuff myself like I used to, though I still can never eat dinner those days.