Monday, May 5, 2014

Help the Fat Nutritionist!

I have been reading Michelle, the Fat Nutritionist's blog for several years now and she's quite amazing and worth the read. If you want to understand what Health at Every Size (HAES) really means, the Fat Nutritionist blog is an excellent place to start. In fact, you can find her on my blogroll so there's no need to search around.

Michelle has now decided to go back to school to do a dietetic internship. Like many people, Michelle is finding that money is scarce and she's decided to crowdsource her way to paying for her studies. At first, as I watched her video (below), I was a bit skeptical about her asking flat out for a contribution, but when she quoted from the vicious e-mail (no doubt one of many she's received over the years) she recently received, calling her a fake and a lazy slob, I thought "this woman has an important message to get out and I know she can help a lot of people!"

So, even though my income has gone down significantly recently (I can thank our current right-wing government for that), I am making a donation to Michelle's study fund.

Please think about doing the same.


  1. I know you may think this strange...but I adore your blog. Which is why I keep it on my blog roll...I come over here to keep my urge to go overboard in check and remind myself that yes, while I am exercising and losing weight...I don't want to forget to live fully and love myself as I am right now! While working to get as fit and muscular as possible. Keep up the great work.

  2. Interesting comment, Christine. My blog doors are always open to you. As I'm sure you realize, I personally am all for good health, including healthy behaviours and healthy eating. And that's what the Fat Nutritionist is all about.

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    1. Hi Peter, Thanks for visiting and I hope you continue to drop by!