Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Judging a Book by Its Cover

This video brought tears to my eyes for several reasons. The shame and sadness you could feel in this teen's words were overwhelming and horrific. I will never understand those who believe that shaming and blaming a fat person can ever be helpful. His friend and partner in song is truly a fine soul.

I hope this boy gets the support he deserves. As someone who studied to become a professional opera singer myself, you can take my word on this young man: he is phenomenal.

Apparently, you will have to click on the link to youtube to watch this. Please do. It's a totally amazing clip.


  1. people do it all the time. I was explaining to my oldest that in our society, approximately 90 percent of people judge on outer appearance and in fact, cannot get past your outer appearance. I think it's a direct result of low I am not kidding. I explained that she needs to dress up and do her hair and makeup and that is a kind of 'aid' to the simple. Look at simon. How many times has this happened and still he can't seem to grasp that musical ability has nothing to do with a tight ass. He's a moron.

    1. Judging a book by its cover

      Christine, 1st of all, I would like to express my admiration about your comment. As a British female, to understand how the media BRAIN-WASH the entire population in particular the female population. From what I see recently male brain washing by cosmetic & fashion industries is getting momentum.

      To give you simple comparison, why a society brain is working that way, in my simple understanding is that if you think about your language, your religion and even your test of food and dress sense, and also female or male obsession about football or shopping e.t.c. All these things are printed in to your or our brains with out we or you even realising it.

      I think a proper and civilised human being have to love and respect the rest of human race irrespective of their colour, HEIGHT, wealth or general appearances. Imagine, if there are extra terrestrial beings to visit our planet; and they have completely different shape and look from the one we used to. How will the British Aristocratic establishment media will treat them and brain wash us to follow their vision instead of us making our mind on what we see in front of us. Imagine the next generation who are going to read or see documentary edited by established media monopoly.

      I remember, there was a huge out cry from fashion gurus, when the last government proposes to them that they have to stop glamorising skinny females and try to include non-skinny once.

      Take religion: You might be Jewish, Christian of one sort among many, or Muslim or Hindu and so on and on. Do you realize why you have the religion of your family? Imagine if you are born in England and given for adaptation to families in Norway. What will be your language, your accent and so on.

      What I'm trying to say here is that, unless we start thinking outside the box, we will be like PROGRAMMED ROBOT. A robot which does the same thing what the programmer told it to do.

      I'm your admirer. Bravo. That is what I call, Independent woman. Many kissssssss


  2. How true, Christine. He truly is a moron--or, as Bugs Bunny used to say, "What a maroon!"

  3. Hey, NewMe. Checking in. I've been away a while. Read your last three posts and got caught up. This one made me weep. What a pair of souls!

    Regarding two posts ago: hope you are feeling better. As I calculate it, you're starting your meditation class about now. Hope you've been able to keep Ms. Toxic at bay. I remember having a toxic co-worker. People would tell me to "rise above," and I sort of did (in that I didn't stoop to her level, gossiping and sabotaging) but the advice just made me feel worse because it's impossible to rise above feelings, even if your behavior is "professional." Those feelings are legit; they're based in a sense of justice. Toxic people lack a sense of justice, or they think its a lovely characteristic to exploit in order to make nice people miserable and to advance their own self-interest. Woof.

    At any rate, hugs to you. Thanks for this video, and for the washing machine man too. Much food for thought. Good to check in.

  4. Hi NewMe! Thanks for the beautiful example of friendship between the singers. As for "Ms. Toxic", try to remember that she is damaged inside. People don't behave badly out of badness but out of being wounded. The exterior may appear as one thing. The interior is a mystery. This I say as a former childhood bully and callous youth who could not grasp that other people were real and felt real pain. I came to understand. But not all are fortunate to have their souls returned--it is a long and horribly painful struggle; I don't know why some of us make it back and many (apparently) do not. I still stumble. I hope you are feeling more peace these days. Meditation is an excellent healing model, as are other practices that connect you with your whole body and essence. Be well, my friend. (((hugs)))

  5. I posted that a few days ago on FB. He's such a talent. And I find his shyness sweet. Kudos tot he pretty young lady--who really is not as powerful as he is, vocally--because she sees the heart and soul, and not just the body. They're a lovely young team, and i hope they do well, very well.