Monday, February 20, 2012

Just Too Funny

Many thanks to Theresa Baker, The Fat Personal Trainer, for linking to this hysterical comic strip.

Click here.

And BTW, I love the subtitle for Theresa's blog: Health at YOUR size.

And I love her motto:
You can starve a Saint Bernard, but you ain’t gonna turn it into a Greyhound.

Now that's my kind of gal!


  1. That comic is epic... I used to be the I am the normal and I stare at one particular baked potato and think she looks perfect...and then I heard her talking about how she wished her boobs were bigger. lololol.

  2. One of the most unfortunate things about equating movement with "exercise" and weight loss is the distorted way in which that kind of thinking ultimately deprives people from discovering the joy to be found in movement. Thus, dancing=exercise=fail, walking=exercise=fail, skipping/hopping/lifting=exercise=fail, etc. You get the picture. I walk because it feels wonderful to be outdoors moving through space and time. I dance because it feels like flying, if only briefly. If I thought about movement in terms of "training" or "exercise" I would avoid it as much as possible. I know myself and I'm a renegade, LOL. I don't want to "train" or be "trained". I want to be free. :) I want to move and feel "free" not "fit". I would encourage people to experiment with movement as pleasure, even as art.