Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Reminder

...about the important things in life.

I just found out that my high-school English teacher, whom I have known for forty years (!) and whom I consider a dear friend, is once again suffering from cancer. She beat breast cancer 22 years ago, but now it's back and it's metastisized.

My friend has been into seriously "clean" eating for many years, mainly due to health issues (fibromyalgia, in addition to a first bout of cancer). She's done all the right things but now she's sick again. She's going to fight this by both conventional and unconventional means and I will support her, as will all her friends.

But it's a message to all of us: many things are far beyond our control. We can make superhuman efforts to control our health, our weight, our nerves, our whatever...and still we can be struck down.

I can only hope my friend will live many more years.


  1. Your friend has probably done herself an immense favor by eating clean. Her body is in optimum health to fight this battle. I will be praying for her.

  2. Very good reminder about our limits to control outcomes; as humans--our environments have been contaminated with a wide variety of carcinogens for many decades, and much of our ability to achieve good health depends on genetic and epigenetic factors, immune function (often related to sources of stress), caring relationships, and resources (both internal and external). Find ways to live as fully as possible, in whatever time and place we have here in this realm. Love others each day and accept love--anything less is tragic.

  3. Another thought-provoking post...

  4. Oh, NewMe, prayers for you too. Escorting someone in a difficult chapter is confusing, challenging.